Fix Your Insomnia Anxiety Depression

$ 36.00

Learn why you develop insomnia, anxiety and depression. Discover why these three conditions occur together and how to alleviate them without reaching for pills. Fibromyalgia is also explained in this book. This book is full colour gloss and easy to read.


Fix your Insomnia, Anxiety & Depression is the latest book from Dr Kanji after he completed his PhD in 2013 looking at pain and stress. The book is based on over ten years research and has taken him two years to complete. He outlines how your childhood trauma influences the development of stress related conditions and insomnia, anxiety and depression continue throughout life despite treatment. The book has over 150 references to scientific articles so is based on the current research available about insomnia, anxiety and depression. The book answers questions as to why the medications do not work. Dr Kanji then provides the answers to insomnia, anxiety and depression that are backed by the medical literature. A chapter on Fibromyalgia is included in this book due to its intimate relationship with stress chemicals. The book is written in simple English for laypeople but is fully referenced for health professionals and others interested in reading more.


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